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BKQ-D/S is a fast, compact and versatile sterilizer which is researched and developed according to the latest requirements of medical institution and CSSD. It is designed and manufactured combines high capacity with cost-efficiency, while offering high operating reliability and easy maintenance.

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Equipment Details


Superb chamber machining and welding process

The acid-proof stainless steel chamber and jacket are automatically robot-welded to guarantee long time and

trouble-free operation.

Nice chamber surface

Surface smoothness, Ra≤0.5; No welding part or bolt in the chamber which effectively protect the items to be

sterilized. Steam baffle plates are surrounded by silicon rubber protecting the chamber surface.

Reliable and durable chamber

Chamber is designed according to professional analytical method. High-emulation software ANSYS is used for

chamber simulation. Design service life: 10 years (or 20000 times sterilization)

Reasonable sealing structure

Compact designed sealing groove, durable circular hollow silicon gasket, sealed by compressed air.

Hanged door automatically

The door is driven by a motor automatically, stable and easy operation. Door concave-convex tooth structure ensures its safety and durability.

Precise pressure detecting and control

Intelligent pressure transmitters, Wika(Germany), ensure steam pressure detecting and control both in

Chamber and jacket.

Unique vacuum noise-reduction system

LNS low-noise and water-saving vacuum system, effective reduced the noise during running.

Humanized operation system

Colorful touch screen on loading-side, 6 indicating lamps on unloading sides, which are concise, vivid and exactly

showing sterilizing running status and alarming information.

Reasonable pipeline layout

All the pipes, calves and components are designed and installed in single side, which is more convenience for

repair and maintenance. The sterilizers can be installed against the wall and also, two sterilizers can use the same

maintenance space to save installation space.

Scientific design parameters, wide scope of application :

Item Chamber Jacket
Design pressure Mpa -0.1/0.3 0.3
Design temperature℃ 144 144
Working pressure Mpa 0.25 0.25
Max working temperature℃ 139 139
Safety valve open pressure 0.28 0.28




Model Volume Chamber size External size Net weight Power consumption Power supply
BKQ-140D-A 146L 420*420*830mm 1035*1700*1100mm 425 Kg 2.5Kw 380V,50Hz
BKQ-140DD-A 525 Kg 18Kw
BKQ-140S-A 1035*1700*1200mm 510 Kg 2.5Kw
BKQ-140SD-A 610 Kg 18Kw
BKQ-240D-A 241L 600*600*670mm 1286*1848*1000mm 580 Kg 2.5Kw 380V,50Hz
BKQ-240DD-A 660 Kg 24Kw
BKQ-240S-A 1286*1848*1100mm 660 Kg 2.5Kw
BKQ-240SD-A 720 Kg 24Kw
BKQ-240D-B 1286*1848*1000mm 600 Kg 2.5Kw
BKQ-240DD-B 680 Kg 24Kw
BKQ-240S-B 1286*1848*1100mm 680 Kg 2.5Kw
BKQ-240SD-B 740 Kg 24Kw
BKQ-350D-A 352L 600*600*980mm 1286*1848*1225mm 780 Kg 2.5Kw 380V,50Hz
BKQ-350DD-A 880 Kg 24Kw
BKQ-350S-A 1286*1848*1240mm 860 Kg 2.5Kw
BKQ-350SD-A 960 Kg 24Kw
BKQ-350D-B 1286*1848*1225mm 880 Kg 2.5Kw
BKQ-350DD-B 1000 Kg 24Kw
BKQ-350S-B 1286*1848*1240mm 960 Kg 2.5Kw
BKQ-350SD-B 1080 Kg 24Kw
BKQ-650D-B 655L 610*910*1180mm 1286*1980*1400mm 1170 Kg 4 Kw 380V,50Hz
BKQ-650DD-B 1286*1980*1400mm 1270 Kg 46 Kw
BKQ-650S-B 1286*1980*1420mm 1270 Kg 4 Kw
BKQ-650SD-B 1286*1980*1420mm 1370 Kg 46 Kw
BKQ-810D-B 810L 610*910*1460mm 1286*1980*1670mm 1260 Kg 4 Kw 380V,50Hz
BKQ-810DD-B 1286*1980*1670mm 1360 Kg 61 Kw
BKQ-810S-B 1286*1980*1700mm 1360 Kg 4 Kw
BKQ-810SD-B 1286*1980*1700mm 1460 Kg 61 Kw
BKQ-990D-B 999L 610*910*1800mm 1286*1980*2020mm 1300 Kg 4 Kw 380V,50Hz
BKQ-990DD-B 1286*1980*2020mm 1400 Kg 61 Kw
BKQ-990S-B 1286*1980*2040mm 1400 Kg 4 Kw
BKQ-990SD-B 1286*1980*2040mm 1500 Kg 61 Kw
BKQ-1200D-B 1203L 680*1180*1500mm 1445*1940*1755mm 1950 Kg 5 Kw 380V,50Hz
BKQ-1200S-B 1445*1940*1760mm 2050 Kg 5 Kw
BKQ-1500D-B 1500L 680*1180*1870mm 1445*1940*2115mm 2111 Kg 5 Kw 380V,50Hz
BKQ-1500S-B 1445*1940*2130mm 2211 Kg 5 Kw
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