Medical Device Labeling, Standards and Symbols

Selling your medical device in the global marketplace requires you to consider other languages and cultures. There are over 20 official languages in Europe alone and thousands more worldwide. How is it possible to provide necessary information about your medical device to a diverse group of users?

The use of symbols and the adoption of electronic labeling (e-labeling), where possible, help simplify product labeling while also providing sufficient information for users. In this white paper, we’ll answer your biggest questions about standards, requirements, and symbols for medical device labeling, including:

What are the Essential Requirements for medical device labeling and languages?
What are the benefits of symbols?
What are the harmonized standards?
What symbols are available and what do they mean? (Index)
Is e-labeling an option for medical device manufacturers?
What are the best practices for medical device labeling?
You’ll learn all this and more in this 11-minute video.

Credit: EMERGO

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